Know your makeup brushes

my own makeup brush set.
my own makeup brush set.


Some people feel that using makeup brushes when applying their makeup is a waste of time, while the others feel, its only makeup artist that are expected to use brushes. Makeup brushes are ther to make your application esier, faster, and neater too. Beleiev me, when i say i have lots of friends who still prefer to use their fingers to apply thier eyeshadow.LOL.

Applying makeup is an art and very few can be good at this. While applying makeup, we often use cotton or a soft cloth to lighten the effect of foundation or rouge applied on our face, but still we don’t get that perfect finish. Makeup brushes help in giving the perfect finish to your makeup.

Makeup brushes exist 2 help us apply & blend colours 2 create different makeup looks. Makup brushes varies across to brands and functions. It cuud be frm natural fibre, goat, squirrel,horse, or frm synthetic fibres.
Note: always try to use a single. New brush/beauty products @ a time, and limits its usefulness


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