Hello ladies, am sure your week is as beautiful as you are. Anyways lets continue with the know your brushes series. Like I said in my prevoius post that brushes exist to help us apply and blend colours to create different makeup looks, therefore there are different kind makeup brushes and they have their various uses and are of many types.

Lets begin with the face brushes. Makeup brushes used for face application are much, but for the sake of these post we would limit them to these :  foundation brush, powder brush, kabuki brush, concealer brush, (big and small), stippling brush, blush brush, contour brush,angled brush (big)


FOUNDATION BRUSH: very soft flat brush, used in applying foundation, especially liquid foundation to face, and under eyes for perfect blending  on the face.



POWDER BRUSH: fluffy, rounded brush that even helps the makeup on the face. Powder brush can be used to apply loose, or pressed  powder to the face. It is also used to dust out the excessive makeup product and applies the exact amount required.


KABUKI BRUSH: funny enough i just came by this brush piece, some time last year. Didn’t know something like this existed and, finally,  i googled, found it and bought it, the effect on the face is “wow”. Perfect brush for applying bronzer, also used to contour, the face and cheeks.


BLUSH BRUSH: i have seen lots of ladies, use their powder puffs to apply blush, ans some use their hands. blush brush is used to apply blush on the apple of the cheeks, to add colour to the cheeks. They could be angeld or round. Buh i prefer the angled on, and i use it too

CONCEALER BRUSH:used to apply concealer to the face. The small concealer brushes are used to apply concealer “under the eye” region, to cover up dark circles.



STIPPLING BRUSH:  Stippling brushes usually have two-toned bristles: a black base with pointed white bristles at the top. The bristles spread from the handle in a cone shape and come to points at the end.  it stipples, which means to dot. Dotting on your foundation makes for a smooth, more diffused finish as opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff foundation brush. This brush is also ideal for sweeping on cream blushes and bronzers. Just make sure to clean after each pigment

So ladies, we can see the important of brushes to our “makeup lives” lol. the earlier we get used to brushes, the better and the smoohter our makeup look becomes. Remember, beauty is from the inside expressed to the outside world. Simplicity would always speak for you.


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