hello ladies,hope your weekend was as peaceful, fun, and delicious as mine, had lots of relaxation, and taking proper care of my body. i even got to change my hair, yaaaaay would post pictures of that later. Its the first day of the week, hope work isn’t too stressful already. it was also”mother’s day” weekend, lots of food, and drinks.Well, it is the concluding part of “know your brushes”. Am quite sure that we have gotten our brushes and started using them. For those who use their puffs, fingers before, am sure you can see the difference when using your brush.


mascra wand 2


MASCRA WAND: this is a comblike, twisted kinda  brush, its used to remove excess mascra clumps and best to groom brow. i also use d mascra wand to remove or betterstill to reduce excess eye pencil from the brow.

BASIC EYESHADOW BRUSH: to apply base shadow to the eyelid, also to add wonderful colours to the eye.

blending brush      contourbrush

CONTOUR / BLENDING BRUSH: used in contoring shadows from the crease of the eye into the base shadow, perfectly blending both base and contour shadow well. note; remember we alsohave  contouring brush for the face too, but its bigger than the one for shadow.

mascra wand

BROW COMB:  it could also be used as a mascra comb/brush to reduce excess mascra. this is used to groom d brow b4 penciling your eyebrow. make it neat, and easy application. am sure most of us ladies are familiar with this brush.

angled brush

ANGLED BRUSH: this could be used to hightlight the brow after penciling, to make the brow more DEFINED, PRONOUNCED AND NEAT.

i think that all we need to know about brushes. Thou makeup grows day by day, new product line, new makeup compaanies are coming up. Oh before i forget, we also have LIP BRUSH, used to apply, lip glosses, lipsticks, and also lip balm to our lips.

So ladies, am sure i have touched someone here by this post. From time to time i would be uploading pictures of makeup, especially when using brush sets. Stay beautiful, because you are beautiful.




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