Camera 360

Camera 360

Hey ladies. Am back again, with my post. Its just that i promised to send pictures of my new look, immediately after the conclusion of “know your brushes 3″ post. But i was carried away by the thoughts of posting a review on the milani concealer.
1st, don’t mind my picture background, hehehehehe, someone actually ‘yabbed’me that i was feeling cool with myself in ‘keke napep’. Its not keke joor.
Sorry Ladies, but here it is, its CLASSIC JASMINE, A NOBLE PRODUCT. WHEN I FIRST SAW IT, i didnt know it would come out this way, that i had to just buy one and hurriedly left the store. Intially i planned on making ‘fringe’ or babyface’ as some other people would call it, but i changed my mind. On getting to the salon, the girl asked me ” aunty na only one u buy?” i answered her “yes oo” that she should fix it like that.But really there’s something about this weavon, the texture i meean, it has this fine texture when u feel it on ur palms, and its very light, and also it come in 3 different layer inches.
And she started fixing and finished, i was amazed and started looking for another means to buy another one, beacuse it ended not being enough. So i had to buy “miss rola” to fix it in front. Another cool thing about the weavon is that it is strechable with your hair straightner. So when am tired of the curls, i would ‘jejely’use my hair straightner to do justice to the hair. Amazing isn’t it? Truth is that i am still going to buy it again, this time, would buy 2 or prolly
And what was i wearing on my face? Well i was wearing my beloved milani concealer honey miel 03, on my face, and golden beige 02, to highlight (under my eyes, cupid bow, my t zone,) maybeline lipstick, and tara’s brow penicl, wasnt wearing any shadow,no mascra and no blush, maybeline the colosal kajal very very lightly on my waterlines.
toned it down with ‘jordana powder 109’.Suprised right, yes ooo, some days i fall back to my jordana powder 109, You mustn’t wear mac and black up to be beautiful, lets not forget that application is what matters, not d expensive products u wear on ur face. So use ur brushes “religiously” looool.
Remember stay beautiful, cos you’re beautiful.

For to every person who has something, even more will be given, and he will have more than enough.


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