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Hello ladies, hope your week is going on well, and smooth, plus the weekend is almost here *yaaaaaaaayyyy*. Though mine has been stressful tho, but am grateful to the Almighty and All Poweful for life.

So today i would be doing a review on milani concealer : secret cover. as the name implies, it is a truly a secret cover, it covers all dark patches, under the eye area, rashes, spots, infact it covers all “coverables” loool. It comes in a small round glass-like container with a transparent cover lid as seen on the picture.

Anyways i came across this product, some time in 2012, and i always wanted to try it out. i finally bought one, and i bless the day i did, and ever since, i fell in love with it, i have used it, and am still using it. and the result it gives me, is superb. I sold it to one of my client/customer and she was just testifying. she said ” that this milani is very good oo, its indeed a secret  cover, it covered al my spots and left a flawless look on my face, i didnt even use foundation and powder again, but on a second thought i don’t think i want to be wasting it all over my face again, i would just apply it where i want to be concealed”. I just lauged and told her that, if it finishes she should buy another one na.This concealer is one of the bes i have worked with, its not i don’t use other concealers or tried them, but the end reult is superb Oh, did i forget to add that flawless look it leaves, and gives to the face after application, or fine finish it gives the brow after highlghting, and also the face after highlighting. WOW!!!!! i could go on and on, but i would alos want to hear your own testimonies after purchase. the coolest thing is that itsvery affordable Price ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 naria depending on the makeup shop you’re getting it from. Milani concealer, secret cover, is a must have in evry girls makeup bag, and it comes in 01 – 04 0r 05 shades, with its individual names. if you have problems getting them, kindly let me know.

Remember stay beautiful,because you’re beautiful



May the Lord give you what you desire and make all your plans succeed. Amen.


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