face and its parts

Hello Ladies, its yet another mid week and hope your week has been fruitful and peaceful as well. If yours has been stressful, not to worry,the easter holiday is just around the corner. where you can relax and take proper care of your body. But come to think of it, today is thursday and tomorrow is friday, if you all know what i mean, because tomorrow is d last day of work for the week, yikes!!!!!!!!!!!. I would be talking about the parts of face and what particular makeup that should be applied there. I have noticed over time that, when Professional makeup artist mention things like ‘crease, cupid bow, brow bone, tear ducts,etc.lots of ladies dont know these parts are on the face, unless they are being demonstrated in a video or something. With the aid of a little diagram i drew, P.S: dnt laugh at my drawing ooo. Ehen, i hope you would all see it clearly. i would try to be brief and simple as possible in my explanations.

face and its parts

Lets begin with the hair line.

HAIR LINE: the region where your hair starts from, round ur face. You should always blend your foundation, concealer and powder into your hair line.
EYE BROW : We all know where the eyebrow is. You apply your brow pencil to that region
BROW BONE: this region is where highlighter colours of shadows are applied.(light colour) it defines the brow as well as given your shadow on your eyelid a lift.

T-ZONE: from the beginning of your hair line in d middle of your face down to the bridge of your nose. Concealer is applied at this region for hightlighting also, to add brightness to the face, since light tend to reflect there more.
LASH : where mascra is applied.

CREASE OF THE EYE: this is the defined line above your eyeball and below your eyebrow. thats when you close your eye. You could applied your contour shadow and blend it well into your crease also.
APPLE OF THE CHEEKS: where blush and bronzer is applied, to add colour to the cheeks.
HOLLOW of the CHEEK: the same as the apple.

TEAR DUCT: this could also be called the inner corner of the eye. Highlighter colours of shadows can also be applied at this region, to make the eyes wide awake.

RIM OF THE EYE: the region where your lashes are, and the edges are the corner (inner and outer) of the eyes. eyeliners should be applied at this region. Either liquid, powder-based,kohl, or gel eyeliners.

PEAK OF THE LIPS /CUPID BOW : This isnthe outline of your upper lips, including the two peak below your nose.

THE CUPID BOW DIMPLES: Is the dimple right above your top lips between your lips and nose. It very important to highlight your cupid bow dimple, to add dimension and brightness to your face.

INNER CORNER OF THE EYE- UNDER THE EYE THE : this is region right from the inner corner of your eye till under your eye region. You highlight this region also on both sides of the face, to add brightness to your face.

JAW LINE: We all know where our jaw is, so d jawline is the line that trace well into the ear region. You can test foundation or powder shades on this region to know your perfect colour match.
OUTER CORNER OF THE EYE: Avoid eyeshadow spill or stain at this region.

Above all, proper application of makeup at all these region is very important. Always remember to blend in, to avoid harsh lines, especailly your hair line, so your foundation and powder wont create a roundlike shape on your face. I hope i have been able to let us know some things about our face today. Remember to stay beautiful, cos you’re.
Any questions pls drop them in the comment region. Thanks

Let me use this medium to wish u a wonderful and peaceful celebration. May the death and resurrection of our Lord bring us joy, happiness, and lots of blessing to our families. Amen. Have a lovely day.

Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your own business and to earn your own living, just as we told you to 1thes. 4:10


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