The Braids Bride

Hey beauties, i know i already said happy Easter in advance, meaning am done posting for the week. I couldn’t help it, i had to quickly post this one before we all run along to church for the passion of our Lord. Biko, bear with me.



Ogadinma Mabel Ugwu, now Ogadinma Mabel Asogwa, friend and sister, University school mate, same theater group members. She was the first official traditional makeup job i did, was in NYSC camp Ekiti when she called me, and asked me to be at her trad in nsukka, and that i would be doing her makeup as well. i felt honored,i would say she took a risk somehow making me her artist, because she hasn’t seen any of my work, and its not like i have done any official makeover before. Anyways she told me she wanted to look natural, and she didn’t want the “bride look thingy” oozing out of her face. Well that worked perfectly for me, i thought to myself. She called me close to the 28th of September 2013 which was her wedding day, and said that she was going to be wearing braids for her bridal hair, and that i was going to pack the hair too. oops!!!! braids???? what happened to human hair extensions/weavons. I said ok, hung up and quickly called my friend who was also good in the “packing of hair business” Cynthia Njoku my dance diva and partner in crime, told her what dinma wanted and sent her a picture too 



Cynthia said okay, “we will do it na

The day came packing of the hair began, 




Oh i forgot to add that she was very particular about her brows, she didnt want them touched. she just wanted to be simple, beautiful and unique.

The braids wasn’t the only thing she did out of the  usual, she wore a black costume earrings and a red shoe, and her bouquet were fresh flowers neatly plucked and arranged. 





her beautiful gown. lovely i must say.



her pretty red shoes




her lovely bridal girlfriends






i wanted to do this post on her anniversary, but i couldn’t wait. loool. Dinma this one is for you.Am glad i gave you  what you wanted *kisses*

Would post pictures of her trad soon. Remember to stay beautiful cos you’re .


By His stripes we are healed. Amen.

Enjoy your holiday.



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