simple and beautiful

Hey ladies, how has your week been? Stressful? peaceful? frustrating? relaxing? Well not to worry, its weekend already,( don’t know why i keep using that line) yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! TGIF……….. . lool. Oops, before i forget, hope your Easter holiday was as fabulous as mine. There was plenty of food, drinks and lots and lots of rest. I tried out colours on my face as well, part of which inspired me to write this post. You know, feeling good about yourself is the most important step towards a happy life.And to feel good, you’ve got to know you FEEL GOOD, and also you have to know how to look good. The truth is the secret of beauty is in our minds. So i tried out colours during the holiday on my face,and decided to share with you, the different colours and makeups i used and where i used them. Maybe that was why i had the post about “know your face and its part” to enable us understand better.Image
You really can be Simple and beautiful at the same time. You don’t have to wear too much makeup to be beautiful, like i said earlier, beauty is a thing of the mind. You might be wondering what and what i did. but hey, i did no magic here, but with the help of my brush set, and product i got this look.

For my face i used:
Mary Kay concealer 02
Tara powder palette
marykay foundation primer
Milani secret cover golden beige

For my brows:
Tara brow pencil (brown)
jordana eyebrow powder duo 03

For my eyes:
Mary Kay eye primer
sleek shadow palette
Tara high intensity pigment eye shadow palette
Perfect colour match matte palette
Jordana fabuliner eyeliner
Maybeline vibrating mascara
jordana easy-liner roll up pencil
Milani secret cover 02(under the eye region)

For my lips:
Tara lip pencil
L’Oreal Diane tuberose 208 and moisture renew Burgundy shine 840

For my cheeks:
blush palette from Tara.

These are the simple steps i used to achieve this look

Step 1: Always wipe your face, even if your just coming out of the bathroom, its very important you do. I wiped my face with Johnson baby wipes.Yea, yea, i use baby wipes to wipe my face, cos its mild on the skin. I also have this mentality that since its used on babies and their skin is so delicate and tender, then it won’t have any side effects on my face. looool. Anyways don’t mind my mentality sha.
Step 2: i primed my face with MARY KAY foundation face primer. So as to let the my powder and concealer stay on my face longer.
Step 3: Applied my Mary Kay’s concealer 02 to my face. perfectly blending well into my hairline down to my jawline and neck too.

Step 4: did my eyebrows, with Tara’s brown brow pencil, jordana’s brow powder duo 03, spoolie and brow brush
Camera 360

Camera 360IMG-20140417-00149
draw the lines on your brow, trace them with the pencil, brush them with your spoolie or brow comb, use the brow powder to feel in sparse area on the brow, remember that its has to be light from the beginning, thicker toward the middle/arch, then thinner and lighter at the tail end.
i also highlighted my brows with milani’s secret cover golden beige 02. and blended the little leftover of concealer well above my face and the other into my brow bone.

Step 5: I primed my eyelids with Marykay eye primer, before applying my eye shadow. This is to make it (eye shadow) stick, and stay on the eyelid longer. I used sleek shadow palette for my eyelid. IE the blue base colour, contoured with the brown colour from Tara’s high intensity pigment palette , and for my crease i used a light blue colour from my perfect colour match matte shadow palette.IMG-20140417-00154
Then to highlight my brow bone i used the lightest shade on my matte palette on my brow bones.
For my tear ducts of inner corner of the eye, i used a light pink colour from my sleek shadow palette, to make my eyes a little wide awake.

Step 6: lined above my upper lash lines with Jordana’s fabuliner pencil. and for my waterline, i used jordana’s easy-liner roll up pencil, used my vibrating mascara from Maybeline on my lashes, and below my lash lines i used a pinkish reddish colour from my Tara’s palette too.

Step 7: I went back in with the golden beige secret cover from milani, on my t-zone, under my eye a little above my cheeks, my cupid bows and down under my lower lips. Blended it in well with a concealer brush to avoid any harsh lines.

Step 8: With my powder brush i applied my Tara’s powder on my face, and using a smaller brush i applied it in places where my big powder brush cant get too.

Step 9: Applied blush on my cheeks from Tara’s blush palette too, to add a little colour to my cheeks.

Step 10: Applied my lipstick.
And i touched my face back with my powder brush and little powder to blend everything in. to give a more flawless look.

Didn’t know this post was going to be this long. but am glad i finished it. Above all, every woman has her own special beauty or makeup routines. this is mine and i decided to share with you.

Please don’t forget to drop your comments or any questions at all in comment box below.

Remember to look and stay beautiful, cos you truly are beautiful.

“Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways” prov. 22:7


2 thoughts on “simple and beautiful

  1. jennipha, thank you for your comment. But please if you read through again, i didn’t use foundation for this look, I used concealer. You can use your concealer after foundation when you want to highlight the desired areas on your ( t-zone, cupid bow dimples, under the eye region, a little above your cheek bone). But at the same time time whatever method, works for you, you can use it. But don’t forget to blend in, keep blending in with your brush, till you have a flawless application, (without any harsh lines)


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