new tips i learnt at the conference

Hey ladies. How’s the new week going? And hope your weekend was as cool as mine. It was my niece’s dedication, yesterday, stressful i must say, but it ended up being fun. I cheerfully thank God for Success.
Am so sorry, i haven’t posted for a while now. Well i was getting myself ready for the first ever makeup in Nigeria conference, held on Wednesday, 30th of April 2014, at the Oriental hotels Lekki. Although this post had been due since Friday, but…………………….
It was so much fun and i really enjoyed myself, met a lot of other makeup artist, both professionals and beginners,lots of networking, interactions in the air, plus it was educating as well, and am going to share some of what i learnt at the conference.
The makeup in Nigeria conference, is the first of its kind gathering of makeup professionals and makeup brands and makeup lovers in Africa. guest includes:
Tara Fela Durotoye of House of Tara Studio.
Bayo Babalola Haastrup
Lola Maja Okojevoh of Sacred Beauty
Buntricia Bastian
Bolanle Okusanya
Eni Balogun of Lise Makeovers
Khuraira Musa, of Khuraria cosmetics
Bunmi Oyeniyi of Unveil studio
Funmi Abeke of Abeke makeovers
Joy Adenuga
Bimpe Onakoya maybeline NY Nigeria, amongst others.

There’s so much to write, but i am going to just list the important ones, in form of tips
1. Mac mineralize skin finish is actually a setting powder not a finishing powder. It can be used when starting the face makeup and not when finishing.
2. It is always good to work with a base before contouring. Editorial makeups are specialized kind of makeups, for photography, editorial campaigns and magazines. Joy Adenuga made us understand that, since she into more of editorial makeups.
3. Try using a shadow applicator when applying pigments on the lids than a shadow brush, because the true colours of pigments would be more visible on the lid than a brush applicator makes it stay firm.Personally i didn’t know that.
4.Roll your mascara wand into the bottle before bringing it out.
5.As a makeup artist you should always THINK OUTSIDE the box. Lola Maja made us understand too
6. Always have an orange corrector to give that EVEN complexion.
7. Anything you make lighter on your face, your are lengthening it, and anything you make darker on your face, you are bringing it closer. (face highlighting and contouring).
8. We have 3 zones on the face
ZONE 1: hair line to the brow
ZONE 2: eyes to the nose
ZONE 3: lips to the chin.
9. If there’s an extra length on any of the zones, you shouldn’t highlight.
10. Always set the lighter areas first before the darker ones.
11. Our eye brows are the NATURAL LIFT OF THE FACE.
12. WHEN LIPS ARE SUBTLE, EYES SHOULD BE INTENSE, when lips are intense, eyes should be subtle
These are just the important ones we should know. Like i said in my previous post, that every ladies has her own special beauty routine and styles,am not saying you should change your pattern or style of doing makeup. But hey, “it wouldn’t hurt to try something new”.- Buntricia Bastian
“Always pay attention to everything around you” – Lola Maja
There were also inspiring words for the guest as well,
“Value yourself and always be ON – POINT”- Eni Balogun
“MAKE THE BEST OF YOURSELF” – Mrs Bolanle Okusanya.
“Nothing is impossible unless you make it so”. Khuraira Musa.
“You need to be flexible to break even” in the industry. – Bimpe Onakoya.
I would have taken pictures with these top professionals in the industry, but my battery was flat, from videoing the creative makeup done by Lola Maja, i only took a picture with the beautiful and amazing Khuraira Musa of Khuraira Cosmetics.

OH! i almost forgot, we were also given “Goodie BAGS fill with little makeup products, and i bought myself “cacao” from maybeline, best suitable for contouring.

Remember to always stay beautiful, cos you’re beautiful.

Please don’t forget to drop your comment in the box below. Thanks. Wish you a wonderful and peaceful week ahead.

Remember what the Lord has done and give Him thanks. Ps 30:4


5 thoughts on “new tips i learnt at the conference

  1. My cute Aunty Ada…,doin a good job **kip it flyin**……**awaitin a contour look from Uuuuu..**smilessss**Miss Ya!!!


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