types and application of eyeliners

Hey ladies, hope your week is going on smoothly. I would like to thank you all for the views, on Facebook and here, your comments on blackberry messenger and here,and the mails too. It shows that people are really reading, asking questions and wanting to know more. I truly appreciate, thanks once again.
So today i would be writing about eyeliners, different types, where and how to apply them. I was going through my class practicals in training school, and i was laughing at myself. Application of eyeliners was a tough one for me in training school, but i thank God, after much practice after school, i became better. So if you were like me in back then, don’t worry, you would be a PRO after reading this post, and you practice it.

Eyeliners can be drawn above the upper lash lines, or below the lower lashes, or both even on the waterlines of your eyes. It draws attention to the eye and can even enhance the eyes.
We have different kinds of eyeliners, Powder-based, kohl eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliners

Kohl eyeliners: this is a soft powder kind of eyeliner, available in dark matte shades, it comes in a loosed or pressed or pencil form. this type of eyeliner is more likely to smudge.

Gel eyeliners: this kind of eyeliner which is a softer liner, can be applied with an eyeliner brush. It is also more softer than the kohl liners. It comes in different colour too, blue, brown, and of course black.

Liquid eyeliners: Am sure we are very very familiar with this eyeliner. They are liquid in form and can be applied evenly above the lash line.

Please don’t apply your eyeliners with big strokes, especially if you know nothing about the “ART OF EYELINER APPLICATION”, instead try using smaller strokes, because this would give you more control to create a neater line.
When applying your pencil liners make sure your pencil is sharpened.

You can use a waterproof mascara as an alternative if you don’t have an eyeliner. Use a Q-tip/cotton bud or an angled brush/ eyeliner brush to apply it. ( please if you know how to do it). Although, there’s no harm in trying.

Finally eyeliners are applied at the outer rim, inner rim, and the rim of your lashes. And if you get shaky when you apply your eyeliners, try drawing a series of short lines first, along your lash lines or above, go over them a second time, to connect the dots.

I would have loved to do this post with pictures, but i don’t really jot down my write ups I write based on inspiration. But if the demand for doing this same post with pictures come in, i would do so.

Remember to be and stay beautiful, because you’re truly beautiful

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“Lord I know you will never stop being MERCIFUL to me. Your LOVE and LOYALTY will always keep me safe. Ps. 40:11


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