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the milk of magnesia as an oil absorber and a face primer

Hey ladies, how was your weekend? Guess it was fun, relaxing and peaceful or it was as eventful as mine. I attended a wedding of a dear friend on Saturday, and it felt great to see so many old faces, and to be among family again. I hope the new week isn’t already stressful, frustrating and annoying. I pray that God would give you a peaceful and stressless week. Amen.
Today i would be doing a review, or would I say MY OWN REVIEW ON THE PHILIPS MILK OF MAGNESIA, but before I start, let me quickly correct an error I MADE on the “tips i learnt at the conference” post. The Mac MSF ( mineralized skin finish) is NOT setting powder but a FINISHING powder, don’t know what i was thinking when i wrote, it was a setting powder. Am really sorry about that. Thanks.
So honestly I heard about the milk of magnesia first at the makeup in Nigeria conference held last month by my fellow Pros seated beside me. I purposely didn’t want to add it to the post about the ‘tips’ because, I wanted to be really sure of what i was going to share later with you. I checked it up on Google the day after, read about it, and its many functions, also saw a review on it on blushes ‘n’ dimples blog, then i decided to buy it and see for myself, how or whether it works.

I know most ladies are familiar with this for facials, i say so, cos, i have seen it been used on YouTube videos of makeup, blogs, and also the pharmacist asked me if i wanted to use it for facials or tummy, when i asked of it at the drug store. I was shocked sha………..
It’s a drug used to relieve occasional constipation, and also to relieve symptoms caused by heart burn, upset stomach, or indigestion too. It could perform the function of a LAXATIVE OR AN ANTACID.

This same milk of magnesia can be used as an OIL ABSORBER on the face/skin for those of us who has oily skin/face. It leaves your face dried and free off oil. IT ALSO SERVES AS A PRIMER TOO.

Although i have a mixture of oily and dry skin, but the oily part is more than the dry part, so i applied it all over my face, and waited for 5 mins for it to dry up.

with d milk on my face

It leaves a whitish substance on the face, but not to worry it doesn’t affect your makeup. I touched my face and it was so dry especially the bridge of my nose, then i began my makeup on my face.

at the wedding 1

My friend jenny actually had a dream that i used it and my face was so white at the wedding. I laughed it off and told her when am done she would see.
at the wedding 2

This is the finished look, after i had jumped plenty buses to get to the reception. lol.

at the wedding 3

You can get yours at any authentic drug store around you. I got mine from Med Plus at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall (shop rite) Surulere. Lagos, for a thousand five hundred naira.

Milk of magnesia helps to fight the acid on the skin which produces that shiny oily on the T-ZONE. Even after dancing with the couple and friends, my makeup remained the same, even till the end of the wedding. Its truly an amazing primer.
PLEASE ladies I want to beg you not to abuse this drug. If you want to use it, use it wisely and religiously. Always shake before you use, and application must be really fast on the face cos it dries up quickly. Thanks. For my friend and fellow Pro in the business you can get yours now before ladies makes it expensive and scarce. I would also love to hear your testimonies about it.

I would quickly list out the products i used in the picture
For my face i used:
Mary Kay foundation bronze 600,
Tara Powder palette,
Milani Secret Cover 02 ( highlighting).
maybeline all in one clear smooth powder in CACAO (CONTOURING)

For my Eye:
Sleek Shadow Palette. (base shadow)
Perfect Color Match matte foundation (contouring shadow, and crease)
Jordana Fabuliner.
Maybeline cool effect cooling cream eye colour clear water coral (eye primer)
Maybeline colossal kajal
Maybeline vibrating mascara

For my cheeks:
Tara’s blush palette

bronzer, ( no name)

For my lips
Tara’s lips pencil (Takure)
maybeline pink freeze
Victoria’s secret beauty rush lip gloss.

Remember to stay simple and be beautiful cos you truly are beautiful.

Please don’t forget to drop your comments in the box below. thanks. God bless.

“You have changed my sadness into a joyful dance, you have taken away my sorrow and surrounded me with joy”
ps 30 : 11


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