know this

Do you know that just like our drugs, makeups have expiration dates, and yes can do more harm than good, to our skin if you DON’T NOTICE THESE DATES on them. Always use clean hands and also clean brushes whenever you want to do your application,this way you preserve the makeup and also prevent your face from irritations. It is advised that we keep our makeup in a cool, dry place, bag, box. Also, If you want to share your makeup applicators, products, or brushes with your friends, ensure that u have them cleaned up or wiped before you share with the next person. DON’T always use these lines we always say or listen to friend who says ” shebi we be d same colour, give mi your powder puff make i use, or your lipstick, make i rub” cleanliness they say its next to godliness. my pretty ladies, shine your eyes oooooooooooo #teamkeepmymakeupproductsandbrushesclean


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