know your makeup 1: CONCEALER, where and how to apply

Hey Ladies, how have you been, and your week, hope it has been blissful, fruitful and also peaceful……….  AMEN!!! to that, if it has been. Am so sorry i haven’t written in a very long time, i had some things i wanted to adjust properly. For those who have been following , commenting, liking post on my blog, i appreciate, and i say thank you, please, ejo, biko accept my apology. 

So i was going through my blog, reading previous posts and wondering what i was going to write, in my next post hmm……………. and boom it hit me. I have shared makeup stories, pictures, know your brush series, know your face parts, and i realized that i haven’t specifically written or shared any thing on makeups products, where they should be applied, and how to apply them. Although i have done all about eyeliners, but this particular post would come in series, just like the “know your brushes” and in between i can as well share makeup stories, and pictures too, to enable us understand better.

Today, i would be writing about concealers

 Concealer is a type of cosmetic or BEAUTY ESSENTIAL that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores,cover up under eye circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Concealer could become your “thing” and the most important tool for achieving a flawless face finish only if you know how to apply it well. Its also best used to get a flawless coverage without heavy layer of makeup. Its always advisable when using concealers, used a shade one or two lighter than your natural skin tone( depends on the purpose).

We have different kind of concealers, . They are ranging from, stick, to liquid, cream,pen and pencil, as well as color correcting concealers.but i am going to briefly explain few here


The STICK CONCEALERS, are semi solid like a lipstick, and its best for normal, dry and sensitive skin, it sometimes leaves a powdery and matte finish.

The LIQUID CONCEALERS build its coverage from light to full, best for normal, combination, it also leaves a matte and radiant shimmery finish.

The CREAM CONCEALERS, best for all kind of skin except oily skin, gives a medium to full coverage, it also leaves a cream finish, on the face.

The COLOUR CORRECTING CONCEALERS used to correct under eye circles, redness, just like the “orange corrector” made by khuraira cosmetics, for black and beautiful women.



When testing a concealer on your face, ensure that you have a clean face, free, off any makeup, to get a true and perfect colour match. For full coverage, light, and medium coverage, its best to apply concealer before your foundation., or the rest of your makeup.. Although some people prefer it the other way round, but at he end of the day, always practice and do what works for you. 

To cover up under eye circles, you can use your finger tips or  concealer brush to dab under the eye, avoid RUBBING the concealer, on your skin.

To cover up acne, spot, please use your brush,(small, or big concealer brush)  not your hands, or fingers,no matter how clean they are, to avoid spreading more bacteria on your face.

To set the concealer, you can use your foundation and spread it over your face, blending well down the neck, as well as hairline, ensure that every part is well covered and blended. 

When highlighting with a concealer, set it with a translucent powder.

Please ladies, concealer is not an alternative to ALL OVER FOUNDATION, but instead it works better with the foundation. Finally, concealer is best used to get a flawless coverage without a HEAVY LAYER OF MAKEUP. 

So ladies, i hope i have been of help in letting us understand the type, importance, of that concealer in your makeup bag, purse, or box, and how to apply them.


Remember to be beautiful, and stay beautiful, i forgot to add TGIF YAYY!!!!!! weekend is here already, make sure u relax properly, take time to take proper care of your skin, keep smiling, be happy, and don’t forget to share the happiness……………


Please don’t forget to drop your comments, questions, and inquires in the comment box.

Have a lovely and fun weekend, try something new this weekend……………….










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