know your makeup 2: foundation

Hey ladies, how was your weekend? hope you  had time to rest, relax,  and take proper care of your skin during the weekend. My weekend was great, ate well, cos i haven’t been doing that for a while now, i also have a new collection to my makeup box, THE HOUSE OF TARA’S EYE SHADOW IN MARGRET EKPO, I have heard so much about it, and I can’t wait to to see what i could achieve with it, and also share with you. I hope the new week isn’t too stressful already. I pray for a stress free and a successful working week AMEN.

So today, i would be continuing my post on know your makeup, mainly the basic products that we have in our makeup bags, and boxes. I know we are all familiar with the word “FOUNDATION” in makeup, but i would be quickly writing on how to apply them, choosing the right shade, and the types we have.

Foundation is also a cosmetic or a beauty essential, normally used all over the face to even out our skin tone, which could also give medium or full coverage. You could use a sponge, foundation brush to apply you foundation, but its best using a foundation brush, so, if una nor get, gaan and buy Foundation is normally applied in a downward manner or way on the face, and ensure you use a foundation primer, to set the foundation, as well as to make your makeup last longer. For me, i always mix my primer, with  my foundation on the back of my palm before i apply on my face, this makes the foundation glide on the skin, during application.

We have different types of foundations, from liquid, matte, stick, powder, waterproof, oil-based, mineral, shimmer. even HD (high definition) etc………… the list is kind of endless, but for the purpose of this post, i would quickly explain just a few, i also don’t think i should write so much about this.

LIQUID foundation comes in a liquid form, am sure we are familiar with this one, it could be oily based, waterproof, oil free, etc………………. but to me, i fell, most liquid foundation, are oily based, apart from just a few.. oily based liquid foundation isn’t suitable for ladies with oily skin, but i know most of us still use the marykay, medium coverage foundation, i do too, don’t know when i would stop using it sha.

MOUSSE foundation, i heard about this type of foundation some time last year, when i went for a free skill acquisition program in Ekiti, thou, we didn’t get to see what it looked like, but i went home and Google it, and saw images of it…….. I heard its also called whipped foundation also, it gives perfect matte finish and a weightless feel. i haven’t used it before, but as soon as i do, i would share with YOU guys,what it feels like .Image

STICK foundation, is also semi solid just like a lipstick, and are best for normal to oily skin.

Powder foundation comes in compact form, It’s basically a powder and foundation in one and you can get it in several formulations, but it’s really best for women with oily skin.

Finally, foundation is not your skin saviour, and can’t be used as a concealer, it is used to even out skin tone, please, don’t use it to completely cover up blemish to avoid caking, or use it to add colour like my sisters who have a skin shade of marykay bronze 607, and because, they want to look fairer, they buy bronze 507, foundation nor be bleaching cream ooooooooo……….

Finding the right foundation can be tiring, because there are so many brands, types and formulations on the market. To taste and find the right perfect foundation for your skin type, is really overrated, because some people say, you taste the foundation on your on jaw lines, some say its on your neck, the list is endless,. First things first, make sure, your face is clean, and free from all forms of makeup. If you have an already made up face, please ask for a wipes, to wipe the desired place for testing before you try, don’t go trying out on an already made up face.


1. If you use the Mary Kay’s eye primer, apply your foundation on your eye lid before your primer, and then your eye shadow

2. When applying your foundation, try adding your lips to the application. that is, apply a little amount of it to your lips before you begin your full makeup routine.

Don’t forget to always prime your face/skin with a primer, or a moisturizer before you begin your foundation routine


Remember, to stay and be beautiful, nobody else can do that but you……………..

Have a blessed and prosperous week….



“Send forth your spirit oh Lord and renew the face of the earth”


4 thoughts on “know your makeup 2: foundation

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