know your makeup 3: lipstick

Hey Ladies, happy new week y’all, how was your weekend? guess twas, fun, restful, and relaxing, for those who attended the Lagos makeup fair, at the anchor event center, am sure you loved what you saw and enjoyed yourself…………………. I was also at the fair, but not participant but as a guest. I went to feed my eyes. lol, stopped at a couple of stands, and took pictures, of course myself, rocking this amazing blue shadow on my lid by  HOUSE OF TARA’S  in MARGARET EKPO, and went back home to continue with this post. And yes, i now jot part of my post down, before typing them on my blog.  Although this post has been due since Friday, but err…………….. Anyway,  i noticed that i always write at the beginning of the week, to begin your week in a beautiful way, and on Fridays, to end the week beautifully and to try something new during the weekend.




So i would be continuing with the “know your makeup” series, Today i would be writing on LIPSTICKS, all about it, lip colours, lip pencils, lip liners,lip gloss, in fact lip anything, but with my main focus on lipstick. Lipstick used to be one makeup product/beauty essential i disliked, and dreaded, (before i caught the makeup fever)lol. I preferred lip glosses or balm any day anytime, probably because of the way we girls abuse the red lipstick then, especially the red colour, every body wanted to wear “pepper red” on their lips whether it suited their makeup/skin tone or not. But now, i love lip sticks, have them, from maybeline, to Tara, to true colours, L’Oreal, and some i don’t even know their

Before i start i could remember those days when “hot chocolate” shade was use to line the lips first before applying the main lipstick, or one other colour is used to line the lip, and another shades is used to cover it all, and after application, you could see lots of harsh lines on the lips, like a demarcation where, the first shade started and ended, and the other shades follows suit. loooooooooooool!!!!!!………………… I know a lot  people  still do this, because i see them on the road, or on the streets of Lagos, but my beautiful ladies, please I hope we have all stepped up sha, and really learnt how to blend out/in our makeup evenly. A lot has really change in the makeup world, like they always say, “change is the only constant thing in life”


According to the oxford dictionary, “lipstick is a coloured cosmetic applied to the lips from a small solid stick”.

“A coloured substance that women put on their lips to make them more attractive” – Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary., when i read this i asked myself, do lipstick really make women more attractive? *lips are sealed*


The Championships - Wimbledon 2012: Day Four

 According to Wikipedia, Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply colour, texture, and protection to the lips

Lipstick is a type of makeup or beauty essential that is spread on the lips and comes in form of a stick, used to add colour to our lips.

We have different shades and colours of lipsticks, from red,(different shades of red|), different shades of pink, orange, purple, brown, chocolate, gold, nude, etc….

We also have different kinds and types of lipstick, from matte, to creme to satin, gloss, as well as lip stain…………. Please oh, lip gloss, lip balm, lip treatment, lip stains,lip liner, are all different things entirely but the beauty of them all is that they are all applied on the lips to add colour, or to create a mild, or dramatic look.

MATTE LIPSTICKS:  Matte lipsticks  leave a flat finish without shine. It often lasts longer than shinier formulas, but it can easily dry out lips, so it isn’t ideal for women with thin or wrinkled lips. but u want to achieve or get a bold colour for your lips my best bet is to use a matte lipstick.

Creme LIPSTICKS: This kind of lipstick also has  the same intense color as matte lipstick, but with a little shine. Although it protects the lips better than other finishes, it can still be dehydrating to some lips.

SATIN LIPSTICK: amazing for people who have dry lips,  satin lipstick is ideal because it contains more oils and moisturizers than other lipsticks, but the colour doesn’t last as long.


SHEER LIPSTICK: Sheer lipstick gives a natural look, no matter how dark the shade appears in the tube. Because it contains more OIL it’s a good choice for women with dry lips.


, Image


LIP GLOSS:  gives your lip some shine, either on its own or over a matte lipstick. Lip gloss usually comes in light shades with a sticky transparent finish because it contains more oils. The color doesn’t last long and it needs to be reapplied frequently, but it’s very moisturizing to dry lips.

LIP STAIN: A lip stain is essentially a colored liquid that goes on the lips to add a hint of color. Because they don’t contain wax, lip stains are usually used with lip gloss and aren’t ideal for dry lips.

HOW DO I APPLY MY LIPSTICK?????????? i know majority of us do the application of lipstick straight from the stick to the lips, without priming the lips, using a lip brush or using a lip liner to define your lips, saying to yourselves that “its only makeup artist and professional do that”, or “after all am not sharing my lipstick with anybody”. I think its high time we start applying our makeup like pros, or applying our makeups neatly. The simple art of applying lipstick symbolizes class, sophistication and femininity, and this simple steps are : Firstly, always prime your lips with a lip primer or a lip moisturizer. I personally use the elf lip balm in candy shop got it for free from girly essentials after i placed an order, for my colossal kajal, wet n wild duo pencil sharpener, and elf dramatic lash kit, at ,you all can order from them, they have very fast service delivery. I use it as a moisturizer before i apply my lip gloss or lipstick, i also hear the EOS lip balm is also very nice too. would love to try and  see for myself.

Secondly, use a lip pencil, or a lip liner, this is a good way to create a kissable contour of color. If you have wrinkles around your mouth, using lip liner can help prevent the lipstick from bleeding into creases. I also use the trick of applying lip liner to the entire lip to give lipstick a solid base to attach to, helping color last longer. or use a lip liner as a lipstick too, i only try this with my lip pencil from house of Tara in “takure”  and i only need to touch up with my lip gloss.

Thirdly, use a lip brush,  Most professional makeup artists use lip brushes to apply lipstick for a few vital reasons. But with a lip brush, you have more control over the application; it makes it easier to blend lipstick with lip brush; and most importantly, the color lasts longer. First apply the color to the corners of the upper and lower lips, then, fill in the rest of the lip before pressing them together to even out the color.


lip brush

Finally,  apply your lipstick.  When it comes to layering on lipstick, Bobbi Brown advises,  that when u want to apply your lipstick, “Apply an even layer of color over the entire lip, starting at one corner of the mouth, and keeping within the natural lines of the lips.”

If you want a rich, long-lasting color, choose a matte or creme lipstick. If you’re prone to dry or wrinkled lips, opt for satin, sheer or glossy lipstick.

Please ladies, in order to achieve a more  neutral look, pick a shade that’s close to your natural lip color. Or better still find a lipstick shade that looks good on you, even without makeup., when looking for the right shade to apply……………………..

For those how have dark lips, i believe that a deep red tones or shades should work out for you, while those whose natural lip colour is  medium toned , should go for a rosy pink, or warm red tones/shades.


Please, don’t go or buy lipsticks cos they are in vogue, endeavor to ALWAYS buy what suits your skin tone, as well as your entire makeup.

One trick, i learnt, recently, is that after applying your lipstick, use a small brush and a little amount of foundation,(your skin shade, or tone), and neatly wipe/clean a little above  your upper lip lines and below your lower lip lines, to make your lips “stand out”, neat, and more precise.

Do have a blessed, fruitful and stress-less, working week, till i see you all in my next post. Remember to be beautiful and stay beautiful.

Have a terrific Tuesday you all………

Please don’t forget to drop your comments, questions in the comment box below, thanks


“Pray to ME and I will answer you, I will tell you great and hidden things you have not known”


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