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Hey ladies, happy new week to you all. It was a rainy weekend here in Lagos, don’t know about yours, but i guess it was peaceful, fun filled, and you didn’t forget to keep looking beautiful. Also saying thank you all for the likes, comments on my blog, Facebook page, and also your messages. May God bless you all abundantly. Amen.

Mine was also a laundry filled weekend. but  I took out time to fully play on my face, and that is what I would be sharing with you all.


Today we would be taking a break from the “know your makeup” series to  my own review on an eye shadow that has become my best pally. Heard about this palette from  beauty bloggers, seatmates at the MINCONFERENCE, AND dinma of thatigbochick,  “”, saw a video where she used this shadow palette.  I jejely went to house of Tara studio at Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall, Surulere, to get mine, some time in May,  but i haven’t had the time to use and also review.

Margaret Ekpo eye shadow by House of Tara is indeed an amazing shadow palette, the colours are so rich, and you could also mix shades, to get a superb result.




It comes in a black case, just like the sleek shadow palette, and also a shadow applicator, which i used to just swatch the colours. I think even a beginner in the makeup world, would find this shadow palette very useful. Why did i say so? It’s because the way the colour are being arranged on the palette, he/she should know that, lighter shades, could go as the base colour while the darker shade close to it, should go as a contour shade, just as you can all see in the picture. The colours on the top part could be used as a base colour, while the colours below, could be used as a contour shade. get it?????????????????

swatched shadow

Swatched them as soon as i got home,  and you can see for yourselves, that the colours are indeed, lovely. They are highly pigmented,  and the colours blend so easily.

Another thing i noticed about this shadow palette that made me fall so deeply in love with it is the fact that the colours are so original. The same way it looks on the palette, same effect, its going to appear on your lids.  I say so because i also have the high intensity pigment palette, from Tara also, and the few of the colours don’t appear the same when you apply it on the lid.


I used the orange colour, on the palette, to achieve this look. NO photo shop, No filter, NO picture editing,  just my good old mobile phone  “FRONT” camera.




me 1me 1




me 5me 3




PLEASE my beautiful ladies, don’t apply the colors in this palette without priming your eyes oooooooo,  it is going to crease up on you. All the colours in this palette, all gives a matte finish, as you can see in my pictures above.

Before i quickly list out  the products i used in this picture, i made a little video of this look, you could go check it out  on

products i used ;


marykay foundation primer

house of Tara powder palette

house of Tara blush palette

marykay foundation bronze 600

marykay concealer bronze 01 (highlighting)

maybeline clear smooth powder in cacao (contouring)



marykay eye shadow primer

house of Tara eye shadow in Margaret ekpo

house of Tara high intensity pigment shadow palette

perfect colour match, (crease, shadow highlighting )

black gel eyeliner (forgotten the name)

marykay eyelash lengthening mascara

maybeline the colossal kajal (waterlines)



house of Tara brow pencil in brown

milani secret cover 02 to highlight

jordana eye brow powder duo in 03



Elf candy lip balm

jordana lipstick in hot pink

maybeline lipstick in pink freeze

house of Tara lip pencil in takure

Where to buy: any house of Tara studio/ outlets near you,

price: 2,700 from house of Tara studio, surulere. Lagos.


Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday, and a wonderful and fruitful week ahead.

Remember to be and stay beautiful, till i see you all in my next post.





“people who promise things that they never give are like clouds and wind that brings no rain”



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