be happy and keep smiling like onyinye

Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new week. How was the weekend? Guess it was fun-filled, “gbedu-filled”  peaceful and calm,  and also you took proper care of your bodies. Hope the new week isn’t stressful, and tiring already. Praying for a stressless peaceful, and fruitful week. Amen. My weekend was somehow relaxing, also had time to play with my brushes and my products. My friends came over, and after we gisted,  I decided to play  on their faces. So today i would be sharing a makeup story, using colours from my latest love (Margaret ekpo), shadow palette, by House of Tara.


But before i begin my makeup story, someone told me that she also cures her pimples, with the blood that comes from her menstrual flow, on the first day. I gave her a weird look when she told me, and she said it works for her, and that she’s VERY  serious. hmm……. i also decided to add it to this post, just in case someone else has tried it before. Anyways what do u guys think???????????????



Onyinye  has a very cool skin, why i say so is because, her face was so smooth, that her makeup sat well and right on her face.

She has also  been lamenting about her brows, that she doesn’t even know how to “draw” them, let alone to “carve” them, even after i sent her a video i made with my phone on how i do my brows ( penciling, filling, and highlighting). She still didn’t get it. loolz.


She came to my house looking like this.


IMG_20140713_174214 IMG_20140713_174217




So I played on her face and she left my house looking like this…………………….









Photos were taken with my mobile phone no filter, no edits, no Photoshop.




Remember to be and stay beautiful, till i see you all in my next post. *hugs and kisses*


Do have a lovely, peaceful Tuesday.  God bless you.



“A patient person puts up with things until the right time comes: but his joy will break out in the end”.


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