how best to rock your crop tops

Hello, everyone, guess your week is going on well, less stress, less worries……. Am kinda happy, don’t know why…….. okay, i lied, weekend is almost here, and its going to be a really long one, plus the Ramadan break….. that’s super cool, don’t you think so????????

I would be writing on something different, but not too different sha………..

So this season has seen a lot of exposed midriffs, belly buttons, flesh, not just on celebrities and models but also on the street of Lagos, in fact Nigeria, everyone can rock this piece, its all a matter of fit and proportion………… What am i talking about???????????????? CROP TOPS

ORIG CROP TOP crop top 2crop top


I even heard they are also called “show belle” i laughed so hard when i heard this, Nigerians sha we can like to REMIX things. According to the Macmillan dictionary, “crop tops are short shirts for women, that doesn’t cover the stomach.

“Crop tops are/is a woman’s casual sleeveless/short-sleeved/undergarment for the upper body, cut short so that it reveals the stomach” – oxford dictionary online

Crop top is yet another example of fashion trend(history) repeating itself with its first entry in the 1930s, 1940s,  as a tailored more conservative piece, usually matched/paired with a high waist bottom.

There are different kinds/types of crop tops, and also different ways of wearing them too. Although, crop tops are best ROCKED with a  HIGH WAIST PANT/TROUSER OR SKIRT.

Wearing a crop top can be intimidating, since you take the risk of exposing too much skin meant to be covered, and looking more BRASH than SOPHISTICATED, there are smashing ways to rock this amazing piece.


Matching a crop top with a high waist skirt, can minimize/ even eliminate any exposure of your belly button.





When wearing a loose fitting crop, match it with a tighter fitting skirt/short/trouser.


crop top 3croptopcroppp




You could match your crop top with a cardigan/ unbuttoned shirt or a jacket.





Accessorize with a long pendant necklace 



pendant 3





You could match your crop top with a maxi skirt

maxi skirt crop top maxi skirt




For a bolder look, try matching your crop top, with a pleated skirt, you can never be wrong.

crop toped crop top pleated

Keep it simple and casual, when rocking ’em in high waist jeans.



For plus-sized women,crop tops should hit your natural waist, if you must wear, pair with a full/maxi high waist skirt.

crop top for plus size crop top right crop top for plus sized



Biko, don’t wear with a low cut jeans, or rock it this way

croptop wrongcrop top wrongg

The crop top is back and has come to stay, after all, it could be said to be thing of “fashion has retired and resurrected”, so when you wear them, ensure that you are comfortable, they don’t have to be OVERTLY SEXY.





How best do you rock your own crop tops???????? would love to read your comments on it






Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm…… i guess i would be writing TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!! cos this post has been due since Wednesday.

Have a fabulous weekend, and a fun filled, holiday


Happy RAMADAN to my Muslim peeps out there.





Remember to be and stay beautiful.












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