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LOTD : Sleek Studio Signature kit dawn 01

Hello everyone, happy new week. How have you been? Am sure the past week was less stressful, and fruitful….. Hope you all had a peaceful, “owanbe-filled”, rest-filled, and relaxing weekend. It was a “dry” weekend in Lagos, no rain thank God for that, and  I had a fabulous and productive weekend, part of what I would be sharing with you all today… Thanks to my new followers on twitter, your comments, on my Facebook page,here on the blog, God bless you all. Amen.

I had a new baby last week, that has become my best pally, I know i said it was house of Tara’s eye shadow in Margaret Ekpo but errrr… well sha, I couldn’t wait to try it out and share with you.

I know its like I have taken a VERY LONG BREAK FROM THE “know your makeup” series, Click here, if you haven’t read it yet. Well,,,,, I haven’t forgotten about it, when we still have brow pencils, powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, primers, eyeliners, etc, but eyeliners is something I have already done, If you still wanna know, about them, and how to apply read this post .

Ehen, back to my gist, I and my friends all planned to hook up at dinma’s house, remember the dinma now, the braid’s bride, and I thought to myself, why shouldn’t I use my new baby, I just got alongside my makeup box. I also decided to try a “little BOLD BROW”, HAVEN’T  DONE IT BEFORE, not really my style, 

So today, I would be doing my own review on the SLEEK STUDIO SIGNATURE KIT “DAWN 01”. 


sleek dawn2 31943__2

The sleek studio signature kit, is a palette that has a combination of face makeup product, lip makeup product, as well as eye makeup product, isn’t that cool. It contains one face powder, that is highly pigmented, and has passed as a bronzer for me, since its lighter than I am, 3 eye shadows, 2 lip colours, and of course 1 blush, it is indeed a wonderful palette.

Another cool feature I like about this palette, is that you could virtually use all colours in this palette, for just one look, all you need is to get your makeup brushes ready. dassall.

It comes in a sturdy black casing, which i think it very very attractive to the eye, has a total of 7 products in all. I was super excited about it, that I even forgot to swatch colours before I finally used it.

Thanks to Nkechi Aduba and Cynthia Njoku, for keeping their faces still while I do what I love doing. lol.



20140823_163607[1] 20140823_175401[1]


20140823_163540    20140823_163533






7B3A8397    7B3A8396[1]






7B3A8429   7B3A8393[1]




Nkechi Aduba finally joined the party, from her construction site………  and she kept on singing and making noise in my ears “I want my own ‘ratchis’ (lashes)”
















It was an awesome party and a great weekend for me, makeup was done using  this gorgeous palette/kit , would quickly list out what I used to achieve this look.



Mary Kay face foundation primer

Mary Kay foundation bronze 600

Mary Kay concealer bronze 01 (highlight)

House of Tara powder palette

Maybeline clear smooth powder cacao (contouring)

Powder from the sleek studio kit (bronzer)


Sleek studio Signature kit dawn 01 ( lid, crease, outer V, above crease)

light shade of pink from perfect colour match eye shadow palette ( under brow highlight)

Maybeline the colossal kajal(waterlines)

Maybeline Vibrating mascara

Jordana fabuliner precision pencil liner



House of Tara blush palette

Sleek Studio signature kit “blush”



House of Tara lip pencil takure

Maybeline lipstick pink freeze

Jordana lip stick true red

Elf coconut glaze lip balm




20140823_140838[1]   20140823_141004[1]    20140823_140944[1]

Used the 3 eye shadow from same palette on my friend, who owns an amazing blog, you all should check it out here 

Her stories are original, hilarious, and something we all can relate too……..



Please, i also used on my face tho, but i have “casted” pictures of it. lol 

IMG_20140823_101708      7B3A8367[1]


sekem adaa  during the sekeem dance. lol


image_01              image_03[1]

What I think about this palette is that, its a MUST have, easy on the go palette, with this you can bother less  about carrying so much in your makeup bags/purses. i call it “THE HANDY MAKEUP KIT”

Where to get it:

Any Sleek studio outlet,


Pictures were all posted straight from the camera, no filter, no Photoshop, no editing 

Photo credit goes to : Emezie Asogwa pictures


Before I forget, if you want to look this glam for your birthday, wedding, parties, as a guest or as the host, at an affordable cost/price, get my contact  here and holla at me……………………




“Help me to avoid the things you have already overcome for me”



Wishing you all a productive, stressless week ahead, till i see you all in my next post    BE SIMPLE  AND STAY BEAUTIFUL




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