Coal city, are you ready?

Hello everyone, Its a new month, the beginning of the “mber” month series….. means count down to Christmas season is on….  are u excited? Well… let me begin this post by saying HAPPY NEW MONTH,  friends, family members, followers, errrrm… in fact everyone.

So today i would be sharing a little something i recently saw, am sure majority of you have heard about it……. Pops concept is at it again, you know, them na, the organizers of  ‘The Makeup Fair’… and they are moving the train  this time to Enugu, for the 1st time ever. exciting news isn’t it? especially for those staying in Coal city or in the east….. on the 20th of September 2014. 

I don’t know why am super excited about this, maybe i would say I have a connection with Enugu, and this is indeed a miracle to their makeup



enugu makeup fair

It promises to be exciting and fun, educative and interactive, I can boldly say so, cos I attended the one in Lagos, few months back, and it was super fun. So if you are a beauty lover, makeup artist, beauty guru, student, remember this date. If you are haven’t had to opportunity to attend any of these fair, due to work related issues, and you also have a connection with Enugu like I do , please save the date.

Its going down at 

Toscana Hotel  1 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout Enugu.
Time: 10am – 7pm, 
And it is so FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell someone, to tell someone, to tell everybody….




Do have a fruitful and successful September…. It would surely be a SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER..


Be simple, and stay beautiful



Have a terrific Tuesday y’all



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