Know your makeup 4: primers

Hello everyone, guess your weekend was fab, and everyone is doing great. It;s been a really long while……….. but i had an independence day inspired look post up, after previewing and posting, went back to check, and boom everything i had written on the blog disappeared…….. I vehemently refused to redo, instead i posted a LOTD on my Facebook page… click here to view.

Someone asked me a question… “Eh Ada o, what do you makeup artist use to keep your makeup last longer, abi is it because you people use all this big big name makeup”?… I smiled and said “we just PRIME it”

So back the business of the day, Adaeze Cynthia Daniella Obijiaku CEO of niellascreation has decided to continue the ‘know your makeup’ series after four months *phew* finally!!!! i know right???? Today’s post was inspired by the question above, I would be religiously writing on PRIMERS,(face, eye, lip). but the lips has been settled on this post.


I recently read read something online and it says “face primer(s) is/are more for people who are more for people who are really into makeup or makeup artist, that its relatively expensive and not really necessary”. I paused for a while, somehow i used to be part of that group, even in  my early days in makeup training school *covers face*, but when i added it to my makeup routine, my makeup has been super better and last longer.


According to Wikipedia, A foundation primer is a cream or lotion applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on your face.

An eye shadow primer also helps in smooth application of eye shadow whether matte, pigmented, glittery, shimmer, or cream eye shadow, to avoid creasing, also make the eye shadow ‘pop’ out on the lid, and of course increase the longevity of the shadow.

marykay eyeprimer

You know the feeling you get when you makeup in the morning, to attend an event,

let’s say for a wedding and you stay all through the day without having to do touch ups. At the end of the event people stare at you as well as complimenting your makeup, like you just stepped in. I felt that way the day i used the Philips milk of magnesia. If you haven’t read it click here to read.

We have different types/kinds of face primer for various kinds of skin types, and as the years rolls by, many beauty and health  companies, such as Elf, Mac, House of Tara, Maybeline,  N0.7, Mary Kay, Black up,etc  have produced and still produce different kinds/ types of face primers. Primers, for dry skin,. oily skin, hydrating primers, mineral infused,  matte primers, correcting primers, moisturizing primers, tinted primers,,, the list is just endless.

black up

elf Mineral_Infused_Face_Primer_XL

elf primer 1

But i think i can just narrow it down to just TWO

  • Tinted primers
  • Transparent foundation primers.

Tinted primers, comes in variety of colours and is used to cover subtle age spots or discolorations on the face. When choosing a tinted one, it should be about one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Transparent primers:  this kinds don’t need any special attention, when selecting, but its appearance on the skin can be improved by moisturizing your skin.

How do i choose the best primer????????

Finding a good primer is the key to getting a flawless application, but there are basic key thing we need to take into consideration

  1. Your skin tone, and
  2. Your skin type: oily, dry, or combination.

Once you get it right, prep your skin. what do i mean by that? I mean, Cleanse your face, moisturizer it, and then you PRIME IT.


Finally, A face /foundation primer ease the application of foundation on the face, and also its acts as a barrier between the foundation and your skin, thereby preventing the skin from any chemical unsuitable for the skin from the foundation.

I currently use, Mary Kay foundation primer as well as the Philips milk of magnesia, and its so good for my skin. Although, i also heard about the N0.7 beautifully matte primer, would love to try it some day, when i do, would gladly share my experience with you.

marykay primer face     IMG-20140509-00169

To me, primer saves me a whole lot of stress, and time, of having to carry my powder, brush, lip gloss, lipstick and all in my purse or bag, Don’t get me wrong o, though makeup can look fine without using a primer, but it generally won’t last long and may not have quite as flawless a look.

You could also read what topnotch makeovers has to say about how to wear makeup to last longer here

Have you tried using a primer, what is your favorite primer????


Don’t forget to leave your comments and question in the box below

Do have an amazing and fruitful day ahead.

Till i see you all in my next post, remember to be simple and stay beautiful 

photo credit:

Source: Wikipedia 

“Remember what the HOLY one has done, and give HIM thanks”


3 thoughts on “Know your makeup 4: primers

  1. This is totally helpful. I’m not all too makeupy crazy, but i’ve never not had a foundation on my face for about two years now. Just as I’ve never not intentionally left the house without an eyeliner or mascara… my eyebrow highlighting is good and my eye wing game is getting strong.

    Let’s say I choose to look ok always, but I always need recommendations for makeup brands. I’m hopeless at selecting for skin type or good quality or the use of what what.
    So all I’m saying in essence is, I’m glad I know now about the primer, and I would add it to my “should try”list; and you even gave a product recommendation that I can sought after.

    Oshey bae


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